I personally travel a lot within the city and own an avenger bike. I found many times it’s very hard to drive the motorcycle after certain miles. Hence, I was looking for the better option. Tried altering the seat with extra form, Gel seats, Water pad.... what not. Finally found patented Air cell technology. Air Seat cushions have interconnected cells to distribute the pressure across the seat. When your bike steps into the pothole close to 50% of the pressure stopped by the Air Seat. It also takes the air from outside which will reduce the heat generated by your body through our specially designed mesh. We designed the Air Seat cushions to match any bike on Indian roads. We are always trying to apply innovative thoughts to make product always better for everyone.
    1. It is easy to use and carry. 
    2. Suits to any motorcycle. 
    3. Back pain relief for any motorcycle rider. 
    4. Save spine with Air cushion seat. 
    5. Last mile also feels like first. 

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